The visual artist Henry Heerup (1907-93) occupies a unique position in Danish art history. With his characteristic style, he was instrumental in shaping the contemporary art scene where particularly his innovative junk art and outstanding contribution to the promulgation of graphic art stand out as decisive high spots. Today, Heerup is remembered for his colourful, imaginative expression rich in symbols and for his charismatic personality. Many of the people who knew him still recall anecdotes from the memorable years in the garden at 96 Kamstrupvej in Rødovre.

In other words, Heerup, the man and artist, became national heritage – with a very special place in the hearts of children and adults alike. Although Heerup is so familiar to us, there are still plenty of undiscovered treasures in the story of his life and work. Therefore, this timeline is designed so that you can skip back and forth between biography and production. We have selected some Heerup highlights and found rare photos showing the child, the artist, the family man and, not least, Heerup the eccentric. Explore the different decades via the links below: